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Dear Friends,
Barry Carter is the person who began this forum in January 2004 when he was a guest on the Art Bell, Coast to Coast radio show. He was expecting the number of people who would want to join a group would exceed the limited space of the privately held White Gold List, so he started the Ormus Yahoo Forum. He ran both forums until 
his death in April 2018. The White Gold List, which began in about 1998, was abandoned and members were invited to join this Ormus Yahoo group. In 2008 Barry and an associate created the Ormus Facebook group. 
My name is Sharon Rose Ingersoll. I've been a member of these groups since 2001. Barry Carter was a good friend and I helped him design his workshops and helped secure funding when he was in need. Barry spent nearly every waking hour from 1998 until his death collecting, cataloguing, contributing and sharing the news of this exotic substance. He is the reason you have come here. He created the grassroots movement we simply call Ormus. 
Here is the message from Barry:
This group is for the discussion of all aspects of the ORMUS (m-state, white powder gold, monatomic, monoatomic, ORME) materials. This also includes ancient manifestations of these substances as described by Egyptian, Hebrew, Chinese, Vedic, Persian and European alchemists as well as the substances described by Laurence Gardner (mfkzt, manna & shemanna) and David Hudson (ORMEs, S-ORMEs and G-ORMEs).
The main rules for this group are to maintain a civil discussion and to generally relate your posts to ORMUS.
Religious and political discussion are generally discouraged on this forum. 
You can read more about ORMUS and what it is at:
With kindest regards,
Barry Carter

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